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Heel (Do paw target first)

Okay! Here are 2 different videos for HEEL! PLEASE PLEASE make sure that you get your dog comfortable with having both paws on an object BEFORE trying to lure or move your dog!! (and giving you that behaviour easily). I just did this with Radar, and for us its going to take us a few sessions with just getting him to use to giving me that behaviour without luring him onto the book every time...before I move onto the next step. CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOUR VIDEOS ;)

Again... I wouldn't use a clicker, I would use a word like "Yes" "There" or "Good"... but it is up to you. (Clickers can bring out sensitivities in your dog and in others, and it can be a pain to carry it around when a marker word will do the same thing)

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