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We love dogs! Monique’s passion for dogs combined with her education and training has enabled her to create a lifestyle to work with dogs on a permanent basis. Monique brings extensive knowledge and specialized hands on training to her portfolio, and is a certified professional dog trainer and behaviourist. Monique has experience with over 164 different canine breeds and has in-depth training working with aggressive dogs and multiple types of behavioural problems.

Proudly serving the Vernon area since 2005.

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.
-- Roger Caras

On a personal side

Monique spends her free time with her family, training her dogs & searching with her K9 Search and Recovery teams! 

(Roots K9 & SRDK9s)

Monique has 3 dogs that she is continually training with:


EMBER-  Her oldest German Shepherd who is trained in 'Live Find'. Sadly we had to pull her as a working dog due to her heart condition. 

ROGUE- Is a certified HRD Dog and is actively in K9 Search and Recovery, training in tracking and doing IGP (formally known as Schutzhund).  

In 2023, Monique & her dog Rogue acquired their Land HRD Certification and Recertified with their Wilderness HRD Certification. 


ASHER- Is just a puppy, but we are training in Mantrailing, Urban Tracking and Narcotics Detection. 


In 2023 her goals are to acquire another certification with her K9 partner Rogue in Search & Rescue + Human Remains Detection, and to work towards her IGP1. With Asher her goals are to acquire a tracking + trailing title & to certify for narcotics detection.


"Follow your passion, it will lead you to your purpose.'
-- Oprah Winfrey

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