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Back End Awareness (Backing Up)

Teaching a dog to be "back end aware" can help you in so many situations, and it is the gateway for A LOT of tricks. I do NOT use a clicker, as you can do the same thing with a marker word (Yes, There, Good).. that is totally your call. You may find that your dog may act scared/sensitive to the clicker... or in a group setting, you may notice that other dogs maybe scared/sensitive of the clicker. Not to mention its nice not to have to carry something else around with you all the time. I used a bath mat to teach Radar this trick in the house because we have slippery floors. (But I put the bath mat right side up). Id love to see video's of your progress! (or pictures)

I would recommend this video for teaching them to back up... I also use the word "Back" but you can use anything you like.

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