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At The Ruff Life we pride ourselves on our Customer Service... Have a look at what our clients have to say about their experience with us. 

Lichelle Neufeld

Monique is amazing! We have had so much fun learning. The drop in classes definitely make keeping up on the obedience and introducing the dogs new things fun and easy! Highly recommended

Jessica Shaw

We recently went through The Ruff Life Group Training sessions with our rescue pup Ben and we couldn’t recommend Monique and her team enough! Monique’s approach is effective, straightforward and practical.  My husband and I learned a ton from the classes and after putting in the work at home to consistently use what we learned, our pup has morphed into an amazing companion who is great on the leash, great with people and great with other dogs.  Another wonderful thing about Ruff Life is the opportunity to continue to learn and improve your bond with your dog via their drop-in sessions… it is a huge bonus to be able to take advantage of these super fun sessions; we are so grateful we chose Ruff Life for our pup! 

Tracy Bennington

I really can't say enough good things about The Ruff Life Professional Dog Training! Monique and her team are absolutely wonderful and we are so grateful for their help! They train us humans just as well as the dogs! We've learned so much from them and are so incredibly grateful for their insight, guidance and patience. It has made such a huge difference with our lab pup! We're so grateful to be a part of this community and look forward to attending more classes with Remi in the future! I can honestly guarantee you won't be disappointed if you bring your dog here!

Bridget Kirkland

Amazing staff! We brought our puppy to dog training and Monique and her staff were great and building confidence to both us and our puppy! I highly recommend the Ruff life dog training !

Genny Chippendale

We’re extremely thankful for everything we learned from our lessons with Ruff Life!! Monique is the absolute best and her training was an absolute game changer for us 

Lisa Carter

Monique came very highly recommended to us. The training she gave us humans, definitely helped with making our 2 puppies more receptive and better socialized. If you are having any issues at all this is the place to bring your fur babies. Thank you Ruff Life Team!

Sandy Boates

Thank you Monique, good to get my baby back in with a group of dogs for him to regain his confidence after being charged/attacked a few times. Good experience for all!

Stacy Colbeck

5 Stars. Highly Recommend The Ruff Life. Thank-you so much Monique and to the rest of the team at the Ruff Life. Great techniques and hands on training. I feel the bond growing stronger between Lucy and I already. Can't wait to attend the drop in sessions. Thanks again!!!!!

Rose Wallace

Cant say enough good things about The Ruff Life. Best thing I have ever done for us and our dogs. Thank you so much. You are wonderful.

Liz Sky

Love this place, can leave her there with peace of mind
Incredible service, care and fun for Nova

Chrissy Kieneker

I cannot believe the changes I have seen in my two dogs since they started training with Monique. I have learned so much from The Ruff Life and it's so much fun for me and our doggies. Thank you!

Lianne Tuton

Fantastic ...Monique is a rockstar when it comes to training...her love of the dogs and the work she does shines through! A++++++++

Leslie Klatt

I brought my great Dane/mastiff puppy for training as soon as I could, knowing she would get big very quickly. Everything is taught in a positive and lasting way... it sticks! She is a super social, friendly, confident and respectful dog. Everybody loves her and I never worry about how she will interact with babies, people, and other dogs. Love love love

Karley Johnson

Watson has grown into a wonderful, sweet, gentle giant and we truly believe that is in great part because of the help we got with The Ruff Life. 

Monique is amazing, she is one of Watsons very favourite people in the whole world. She helped us sooooo much with our stubborn, strong willed puppy that just kept growing like Clifford. She never made me feel bad or silly for crying with how frustrated I would get with him and we saw amazing results immediately in not only our dog but also with how we dealt with him. We go away a lot and ruff life boarding is fantastic, he loves going there and it makes our trips even better knowing he is well taken care of and happy while we are away. And daycare... Honestly daycare helps keep me sane and saves me.. And him 

Thanks Monique!!

Ricki Moore

So glad I chose Ruff Life for my training! I really needed it. My dog adores Monique and all the staff are really helpful and very friendly. The best part for me are the drop ins' the more you attend the better your dog is, and the social aspect it really great too. The drop ins' also allow you to expand into other areas than just the basic commands. Choosing to go with The Ruff Life was by far the best decision I have made when it comes to the needs of my fur baby. 
I would absolutely recommend The Ruff Life Professional Dog Training to not only those with issues, but anyone with a dog. Trust me, you'll be glad you did.

Claire Parker

Link has come a long way since he came into our lives. I knew if we were going to keep him I would have to take him for training. He was a scared and nervous dog, always on alert, with very aggressive behavior towards people and dogs who approached us. HIs one redeeming character trait is that he is smart and learns fast. Thanks to Monique, and her excellent training and advice he continues to grow into a more confident dog. He has improved so much with "meet and greet" towards other dogs I no longer live in fear of walking him and having loose dogs run out to us. He is even backing off when other dogs are aggressive towards him. I would 100% recommend The Ruff Life.

James Beckmann

Monique is awesome. I have been through the training with three different dogs and as long as you follow the training and keep up with it, it makes world's of difference in your dog.

Cindy Olson-Inglis

Love Monique and the girls, the training is awesome and they make it fun!

Sarah Clair

Amazing, so knowledgable and dedicated. They really know how to help you with any issues you may have with your furry companion. Lot's of different types of classes and always available for any questions you may have. I would recommend Ruff Life Professional Dog Training to everyone! The perfect person to go with whether its behaviour issues, tuning up on some obedience or just wanting to get some quality time with some fantastic people and their fur babies!! Sign up! Do it! NOW!

Sonya Forsyth

Monique has been really supportive of our needs, and she is always happy to answer specific questions that we may have!

Vince Spoor

Extremely professional and fun, I highly recommend them! Our dog learned so much and we enjoy the group activities Monique sets up during the year.

Lauren Barrie

Loved our obedience classes - and we have been able to use the techniques we learned to continue working on training. Chewie also enjoys his stay when we board him there!

Greg Kienlein

The ruff life is awesome my doberman pup Sable has learned so much and I am very happy with the progress of her and we will be attending the classes after our 5th session. 
Thanks for all the help 
I will say 10 stars

Megan Trto

Amazing training! Saw results with my pup right away. Doggy daycare is awesome too! Looking forward to attending the drop-ins in the new year:)

Java and Jamie

I would recommend “The Ruff Life” training to every dog owner. It’s not just about better dog behavior it’s about a better overall life for both you and your dog. Monique and her team do such an amazing job giving you the tools and instruction needed to make that happen. I have a 3-year-old Miniature Schnauzer who is VERY sensitive to everything. The group training, drop in sessions and now advanced training has not only given her the confidence she was lacking but has also helped me to understand how my behavior affects hers. Although we are still working on some things, Java is a new dog and is constantly improving. Thank you for all of your words of wisdom and support. We couldn’t have gotten here without you! 

Lynea Davidowich

The skills we are learning in our puppy classes have proved extremely beneficial in our everyday encounters with our Ellie. We have learnt SO much in such a short time and it's very easy to keep up on the progress each week. We would highly recommend Monique and her sidekick, Hope.

Tanya Golanowski

A number of years ago, I was given a business card by Monique’s friend Courtney – a card promoting a new business called “The Ruff Life Professional Dog Training”.   I kept that card for a long time, until we got our first puppy Izzy and needed some basic training with her in 2013.  From the very first lesson, Monique had Izzy pegged – and “sensitive Sally” became her new nickname.  Monique recognized that Izzy was a puppy with low confidence, and needed extra work and socialization to help build that up.  o ignored

A little over a year later, we saw Monique offered a great opportunity for some one-on-one training for dogs that needed extra help.  We jumped at that, and Monique worked with Izzy some more, incorporating methods that helped her with shyness and a timid spirit. o ignored

Izzy is now 3, and still a work in progress.  But the one thing we absolutely LOVE are the drop-in sessions that past clients can take advantage of – Walks downtown and at BX Dog Park in a group that help dogs socialize, gain confidence, and desensitize.  I really feel this “life long learning” that Monique provides helps Izzy so much.  And for free – WOW!  Who does that??  o ignored

Thanks Monique, for all you’ve done for us, and continue to do.  We’re very grateful.

Jo & Latte

Monique and team are skilled, kind and so effective! We (my dog and I) saw results after one session, and a transformation after 5. I've paid for other less expensive and more expensive training in the past. The Ruff Life is by far the best. I would recommend it to any and all dog owners - whether you have a puppy or an older dog.  

Deborah LaBrash

I had all three of my dogs trained by Monique. Best investment I ever made. She trained me well.

Vicki and Mick

Its been 5 years since Mick & I were trained how to be the best we can both be.  I learned huge confidence in my ability to be his leader  & he became the absolute best mutt. He continue's to be a leader & good example to all his puppy friends. The skills learned by us both from the Ruff Life are life changing, giving yourself & your dog the best chance for success 

Karen Dahlen

I have never taken my dogs to a place for boarding. This is a trial run for me. My puppy is thrilled to have so many play mates and my older dog has a new girlfriend. I was very worried about him being in this type of situation. Monique is amazing and very caring. This face book page has made me rest easy and I am sure that we will be using the boarding for actual vacations and weekends away!! Very pleased!

Megan Creel

Carl and I just wanted to tell you how much we have enjoyed our time with “The Ruff Life”. Your approach to training is both fun and fair. We especially appreciate your understanding of the bully breeds! Our goal has always been to make Carl a good ambassador for his breed. Training with Monique at “The Ruff Life” has made Carl and I a success story without a doubt! I regularly receive compliments on how well behaved my 120 pound dog is wherever I go! Thanks for everything, we love you!

Julie & Ted Funfer and Porscha

My husband and I thought long and hard about taking our dog to training. We heard a lot of good things about Monique and the" Ruff Life Professional Dog Training". We wondered if our dog really needed “training” though….she knew sit, down, stay. However, she DID pull on the leash, and she did dig at times, so we figured we needed to do something. Boy are we glad we did!!Monique showed us that there is SO much more to her classes than just your average “puppy obedience class”. She taught us how to be a pack leader and give our dog confidence.I really enjoy the ongoing drop in sessions that Monique offers to all her clients. It is a wonderful way to stay on top of the training and a fun and stimulating time for our dog. We are so happy with what we learned, and continue to learn in the drop in sessions, that we tell anyone who asks about dog training “we highly recommend Monique at the "Ruff Life”

Heather Preston-Byles

Having a family with 3 small children, I really wanted to find the best trainer for my Pit-bull/ Rottweiler cross puppy. The vet recommended I try out "The Ruff Life" with Monique. After the first session, I knew that this was the best decision I ever made for my puppy. Monique and her staff are AMAZING!! My now 6 month old puppy and I have learned so much in the last few weeks and I LOVE the weekly drop-ins. I would happily recommend "The Ruff Life" Professional Dog Training to anyone looking for dog obedience classes that really work and are fun for both owner and dog.

Jo, Yvonne & Ali

We recommend Monique's “Ruff Life” Training to every new pup that comes into BX Dog Park. When someone say’s "I just don't know what to do about my dog" we recommend they contact Monique @ “The Ruff Life”. Ali came to us as a foster from the SPCA and we fell in love with her.....Ali had some issue that needed to be addressed to help us bond and create a happy life for us and our new family member.  I emailed Monique, that same day Monique emailed me back from Mexico, she was on her honeymoon with Aaron. Monique assured us that Ali's issues were totally fixable and she would be home within the week and contact us on her arrival. The dedication Monique has in creating a happy healthy life for dogs and their 2 legged companions is one that cannot be beat. Thanks Monique.

Linda, Enzo & Bruno

After a rough start in life, our German Shepherd, Bruno, developed some behavioral problems, most notably lunging and barking aggressively at passers-by.  We tried working with another trainer, but his “one method suits all” approach to training made the problems much worse.  Monique took the time to meet with us for an in-depth consultation and felt the problems stemmed from a lack of confidence.  She gave us practical suggestions on how to boost Bruno’s confidence and these, along with her group training sessions and periodic fun events, have done wonders to help!  People in our neighborhood are constantly telling us how much Bruno’s behavior has improved – and we owe it all to Monique!
Whether your dog has issues you need to address, or you’re simply looking for help with basic obedience, “The Ruff Life” is for you!

Emma & Sandy

Emma and I want to thank Monique for all the loving care she gives each individual animal that she comes in contact with... that is a very special and unique gift!!! 
She gave Emma and I a special gift thru “The Ruff Life” Training.....bonding while understanding each other with a lot of laughs and love, and a less stressful life for all of us!!!
We are both extremely grateful that her training does not stop when the class is over... the fun just begins with her and all of the new friends Emma and I have made, and will keep making...
Emma is such a treasure... we are also thankful for the S.P.C.A for taking care of her till we found each other!!! Thank you again Monique.

Alana & Emma

I took my 4 month old puppy to “The Ruff Life” training class in December 2010 and was absolutely amazed at the progress I witnessed 45 minutes into her first class.  She was a silly high energy puppy that loved to visit and play in the snow, so I was a little concerned with how she would do with concentrating on the task at hand...learning!  Well, the techniques I was taught to use with Emma were great and showed me how to be firm yet caring when training her.  Monique teaches the owner to be the leader and to be assertive, but also to make sure to praise and reward the dog for a job well done.  When anyone had troubles grasping a certain method or concept, Monique took the time to help them through it and made sure we all felt confident in our abilities before she moved onto the next step.  It is true that the training is of both the owner and the dog, so it was really helpful to have Monique be so patient and understanding.  It has been 1 year since we went through the training and we still go to the drop in classes just to keep up with techniques and to play with fur friends! 

I will always recommend "The Ruff Life Dog Training" to anyone that is interested in doing themselves and their dog a favor! Thanks so much Monique.

Steffie & Kane Brenner

Monique has transformed my Pit bull Kane into an amazing ambassador for his breed! There was never a behavior she couldn’t help us with or never a question I felt embarrassed to ask. During our group training we had amazing one on one attention in a fun, encouraging environment that I looked forward to going to every class. After done the training, Kane and I can’t go anywhere without being complimented on his obedience and good manners. "The Ruff Life" training has done a world of difference for both Kane and I. Monique has given me the tools to be a confident dog handler and I now feel 100% comfortable bringing my dog everywhere, on and off leash. A year after training, we still keep in touch through her drop in training sessions and all the fun doggy events she puts on. Kane is a living testament to Monique’s amazing talent and abilities with dogs. Monique has such knowledge, dedication and experience with all types of dogs that I would recommend her to anyone!

Karen Cooper

The Ruff Life has given me more than additional tools that I can use to work with my many dogs, it has given me a whole new circle of like minded dog lovers to continue developing these tools with our canine friends . I especially like the ongoing training sessions, such as: the downdown night walks, and the tracking class. I often can't make classes on weekends or Tues and Thurs, but Monique always tries to take into consideration everyones differing schedules and offers ongoing classes on a variety of days and times so that it can accomodate our diverse lifestyles. So for me and my fur friends we can find something that works.Her approach to training is fresh and fun. Having a background in dog show and obiedence as well as agility, fly ball and rehabilitating rescue dogs for foster and adoption, I had gone somewhat stale in my approach. With a new dog that wasn't responding to what had worked in the past, I needed not only a refresher but something to kick it up a notch for myself and all the dogs that come into my care. Along came Monique(Ruff Life), her style has excited me to integrate what she has to offer with what is working for me. My family dogs are also reaping the benefits that I have been able to glean from her classes that Miss Kita went through. Her classes not only taught this new dog, new tricks, but this old dog new tricks as well. Not only does my family benefit from the new tools I have to make my dogs the best they can be, but every dog I am able to place in a new home also benefits. Thank you Monique for your desire, willingness and devotion to our dogs and for all your wisdom in helping them and us be all that we can be.

Robin and Andrea Melnyk

We feel lucky to have access to all the services Monique provides.  Our puppy Thompson benefits and loves the training sessions. The drop in training sessions at the BX Dog Park and summer beach sessions have been fun for Thompson and owner, they’re another great service that Monique provides. (just check out “The Ruff Life” on Facebook). Thanks to Monique and her team at “The Ruff Life!”

Kelli, Dave & Rocky Frost

Rocky came to us with NO training. We tried working with our new dog on our own, which wasn't very successful. After only two sessions, Rocky was behaving on leash and sitting when he was told. “The Ruff Life” was recommended to us by a lady we met at pet beach. Her words: “Go to Monique, she is amazing and you'll see results”. Thank you so much for the training you have given Rocky, we are so proud of how far he has come!

Jen, Shawn, Hendrix & Abbey

Monique and “The Ruff Life” staff are simply AMAZING! Hendrix our 10 month old Border Collie went through training when he was about 12 weeks old and has been a very well behaved puppy ever since. We had a few hurdles along the way but Monique was there with suggestions and exercises to help us through. We can't wait to start training our New addition "Abbey" with the tips and tricks that were given to us when we trained Hendrix. We highly recommend “The Ruff Life” to any and everyone who has a puppy/dog!

Vanessa Robert

Roxy, Ryley and I LOVE Monique and “The Ruff Life”. Roxy was a crazy aggressive dog when I got her and Monique taught us how to watch for it and correct it. But even better, she taught me how to teach her good behavior. Instead of focusing on the bad, she teaches to constantly praise and encourage good behavior. Since, Roxy has been a great role model to our younger Ryley. Now we have a happy healthy balance at home that never could have been achieved without the help and support of Monique. Thank you!

Leanne Bowen

We took our 3 month old Boston Terrier to “The Ruff Life” for training. It was sooo much fun for both of us and we always look forward to the next class. I recommend “The Ruff Life” to all my friends and clients. If you want a well-behaved dog...take your dog to “The Ruff Life!”

Kim Seguin

Monique and staff, Thank you so much for all your help over the last 2.5 weeks. We enjoyed every class, and look forward to learning more and challenging Dakota at your drop in’s. It means a lot to us, and we already see a huge difference in her.

Maureen MacLachlan

Linden arrived in our family a couple of years ago and as he grew with our family we noticed that he was becoming very dominant.  When I heard that Monique was back in town and training again, I didn't hesitate to take our little Affenpinscher to see her.  Linden was our second "baby" to see Monique.  Linden was very stubborn and required Monique's expertise to settle him.  Our family enjoys our little watch dog and Linden and I enjoy heading to the park on training day as often as we can.  Thank you Monique for all the knowledge you are willing to share to help us enjoy our lives with our fur babies.

Karen and Moe Gilliard

Moe and I were very happy there was a place in Vernon we could go for classes and then continue to go for drop in sessions after. Although we have not been able to get to the drop in yet, we love what we did learn in the classes. We have 2 toy poodles and the youngest is shy and was having some serious issues, including biting out of fear. We are happy to say with help from Monique he is doing much better and with the socializing we will get out of the drop in sessions we will continue to have happier dogs and happier people. It is easier than you think and worth every penny, thanks Monique and team.

Justine & Corey

The Ruff Life is absolutely fantastic! Monique is amazing, and really demonstrates the techniques to transform your dog into a well mannered pooch! My dog always enjoyed his time at “The Ruff Life”, and I knew he was always so well taken care of! Thank you for everything!  

Niki & Bob Forslund

We were those know the ones you point at and say "I'm glad that’s not my dog" Our German Shorthaired Pointer although very cute was dominate and EXTREMELY high energy. We were at our wits end with her until we went to Monique and “The Ruff Life”. Monique taught us the proper way to deal with our dog's issues and to be consistent with her. Now people tell us they wish their dogs listened as well as ours...I tell them to call Monique. Thank you Monique and “The Ruff Life!"

Christine Yamaoka

You are an amazing trainer! You are in tune with what the dogs need & drastically change dogs with severe behaviors problems. My Dog is a joy to have around because you taught me how to train my dog & what to expect from her. I went from hating my dog to wondering what my life was like with out her. You give us all confidence with our dogs and the tools to deal with any behavior. You change lives, make a positive difference & don't get enough respect for it.

Linda and Pepin

At the age of 6 months my Golden Retriever pup, Pepin, was proving to be an absolute nightmare with his constant chewing everything in sight, nipping, jumping on counters and people and over-all, not listening to anything I said. A previous obedience school proved to be disatrous and I was left thinking I would never be able to train Pepin. I was one day away from surrendering him to the SPCA when, at the suggestion of my veterinarian I called Monique at “The Ruff Life”. She had me enroll Pepin right away and now 4 weeks later I have a 7 month old puppy who has become an absolute joy to have around. Instead of getting up in the morning dreading what Pepin would do and get into, I now wake up to puppy kisses and the thrill of being able to spend another day with this beautiful and gentle dog. I can only thank Monique and her dedicated staff for this huge transformation in Pepin. Without her I would not have him beside me now.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

Nicole Gillan

Monique & her team are amazing. Sonny is a different dog and I am a better owner because of “The Ruff Life”. Sonny & I thank you.

Val Lewis

Bella had attitude and tested me constantly. Monique showed me how to teach Bella that I was the boss. Once that was established, Bella was willing to listen to me and learn.

Kendra & Mitch Sawyer

Before we took this course we thought we were doing pretty well but were at a loss as to what to do for discipline that would make Misha listen and obey long term. After we started the course we realized we knew nothing and we had a long way to go. Monique Really cares about the dogs she works with and helped us make our dog into an animal we love and put up with, into a wonderful friend we enjoy to be around and with. We would recommend “The Ruff Life” to anyone. Thank you so much!

Megan Vandenberg

Thank you for teaching an old dog new tricks:)

Colleen, Lauren & Amber

How can you say thanks to someone that has taken your dog from aggression to pay fullness, and given my family the necessary tools needed to continue working with Amber, so that she can be the best that she can be. Before going to"The Ruff Life" I had a dog with aggressive behavior, now I have a happier dog that is so much more obedient. I would recommend "The Ruff Life" to anyone that wants to have a great relationship with their dog, no matter what age the dog is. Well done Monique & "The Ruff Life" staff! A "BIG" Thank-You!

Jennifer & Rob Thornton

Monique, Aaron & Adrienna were very knowledgeable and helpful through out the sessions. We were very impressed that Monique was able to help us over the phone even before we registered for the class. The changes in Kasi even from the first session were amazing. I would highly recommend “The Ruff Life”!

Carol & Kya

Thank you for being there. I am now the boss, it was a toss up before. 

Erinn Schroeder

“The Ruff Life” helped me turn my aggressive dog into one I felt comfortable to take walking again.

Bill Henriksen

We had two headstrong dogs! Thank you for showing all of us how to raise and train them.

Tammy Benischek

I was told this course would help my dog's aggressive behavior but I had no idea how quickly and successfully it could happen! She is a different dog now!

Val & Mark

We now have a situation where the dog is wagging his tail instead of the tail wagging the dog....

Shelley & Derek Look

The classes changed our dog and her behavior. The classes were very fun and we weren't stressed when we came. The training has made walking our dog enjoyable & something we look forward to. Thank you so much.

Sincerely, Crystal & Dave

I would recommend “The Ruff Life” training to anyone that has any problems with their pet. Our dog Riley has come mountains in only one group session. Six weeks of training will make for a joyful 6+ years. I have only positive things to say about “The Ruff Life” crew. We enjoy our pet so much more because of them.

Susan Guttridge & Macy

This has been a great learning experience for me, as well as for my dog. I am a counselor and learning to use just one word was a huge challenge! Thanks for teaching me that when it comes to animals, explanations aren't necessary! 

Leslie Swan

Was very pleased with the quick results we achieved. I would recommend “The Ruff Life” to everyone.

Terry & Ben

I would strongly recommend this course for any owner & dog.

Lenard & Sharon

I do not drive my mom crazy anymore. I learned all my commands. It sure was Ruff.

Bev Gilchrist

I would highly recommend this course – Jake just loved coming out to the class for his treats and friendships with other dogs!

Jose, Mila, & Toby

Monique is excellent – assertive & gentle too- will recommend “The Ruff Life” for sure!

Sunday Tingle

The course was great- I never thought Chewy would do some of the lessons- food dropping in front; staying down during distractions! Thank you very much!

Bonny Hartfelder

We are amazed at how fast Gizmo changed for the better.

Ross Goodfellow

The trainers are young, fun and enthusiastic. A modern and positive training experience.

Courtney & Chris Boyes

We knew we needed help with our Bull Mastiff puppy, to help us maintain control when she grows to be a big dog. Monique and “The Ruff Life” team helped us gain respect, control and allowed us to have fun while giving us confidence that we can control our dog. Best investment we'll ever make during our relationship and life with our baby! We would recommend Monique and Christine to everyone!

Thanks again....Shawna & Duke

"I loved The Ruff Life and highly recommend it!! The class is fun and it works!! It's great that once the session is done Monique offers Drop-in classes and hikes so that your dog continues to get the mental stimulation it needs. Monique is very knowledgeable and is always there to answer your questions no matter how big or small."

The Wilson Family

"We would recommend The Ruff Life to anyone with a dog. Our dogs have learned so much from this course. Thanks to The Ruff Life for this experience."

Brian Wiens

"This is a great course for training owners to learn with their dog!"

Dana & Cody

"Monique is very upbeat & encouraging - I definatly recommend; & already have reommended The Ruff Life to all dog owners:)"

Madelaine Work

"Very pleased with the classes. Oliver and my family learned lots. Oliver is a better behaved dog at home since taking the classes. He listens to the whole family."


"I was very impressed by the approach and training procedures used by Monique. My dog Kodi is a different dog now!"

Amanda & Tal

"An excellent way to teach the dog, as well as give the dog exercise! Thank you very much!"

Thanks again...Julie and Buster

"Thank you for providing such a great, motivating class.....I appreciate your dedication and passion for dogs.....There is a saying: "Folks will know how large your soul is by the way you treat a dog."....You have a HUGE soul!"

Shawna Bourgeois

"This is my first time owning a puppy. I have two cats and for Christmas this adorable Boxer came into our lives. She was about 13 weeks and I believe we started lessons when Bella was about 16 weeks. What a great experience. I was so surprised that "Ruff Love" was the way to go. Monique is very knowledgeable about her dogs and loves them all. I will be bringing Bella back to Monique for further training and would recommend "The Ruff Life" to anyone. I witnessed different breeds and ages of dogs (all different reasons for being at the The Ruff Life) and they all did extremely well. My goal was to have a dog that I could take out and she would be well behaved - ACHIEVED! Thanks Monique"

Josh, Chelsey & Elektra

"Best money we ever spent! We had a blast. Were so proud of all the new things we learned, it was loads of fun. THANKS"

Dodie & Cassie Lindley

"Cassie is a much better dog now. She listens and understands us. She impresses the neighbors & friends too!"

Stan & River Owen

"It was fantastic training for myself and my dog. We are both smarter and better friends now." 

Tommy, Jen & Gunner

Monique & Aaron Rock! Very knowledgeable and helpful. They made this experience worth while. Gunner became less sensitive and made some great friends! Anyone is crazy not to do this training."

Wendy Goodall

"I would recommend these sessions. They have transformed my pug into a well behaved dog I can take anywhere. Thanks Monique and Aaron." 

Kathy & Achilles

"Overall a fantastic experience!! I'll definitely take part in advanced classes! Thanks for everything."

Brad Harmer

"I am very pleased with everything. We both had fun. Dyna was very happy when I told her “lets go to school!” Thank you."

Lynn Webster

"We have taken our lab/retriever to Monique to work on some problems. He has had previous training with another trainer. Monique was excellent in helping us with his
discipline and we are finding our dog is much more attentive to our commands. Her techniques and methods were very effective and helpful. I would definitely recommend
her, and wish her success with her business."

Becky Nordling

"Monique Lamoureux is a very qualified and professional instructor. The Ruff Life obedience training was a wonderful experience that greatly improved the relationship I have with my dog."

Joanne Pros

"I got my one year old Golden Retriever into training with Monique in the summer after we were having some problems with her being aggressive with other dogs. We had six private sessions with her to work on obedience and helping her learn we were the leader of the pack and not her. I can not believe the difference it has made in her and in our relationship. As a result of the training I also now have her in the "St. John Ambulance" therapy dog program. I would highly recommend Monique."

Mary Walkden

"Monique and The Ruff Life did something that I didn't think was even remotely possible. Our home was ruled by three mini dachshunds, to the point where it was too embarrassing
to have anyone come into our house.

With her private, customized lessons, the dogs are happier, calmer and under control. Barking, biting and total disrespect are things of the past. My family cannot say enough "good" about her work. We highly recommend her."

Cindy Wild

"Our experience with The Ruff Life has been fantastic. We had a very dominant, bossy, and jealous 3-year old Border Collie, who snarled and growled when she did not get her own way. After 8 weeks of behavioral adjustment and obedience training by Monique, of The Ruff Life, our dog has become quiet and obedient. We now have a dog that we enjoy."

Barry Hunks

"I would like to give a big endorsement to Monique at TheRuff Life. I had spent a lot of time training my puppy… read several books on the subject… watched every episode of the Dog Whisperer…. but was still having trouble with the training. I was able to get my pup to sit, stay, etc, but only in ideal conditions. When I really needed her to listen, she wouldn’t. With a couple of consults from Monique I was set on the right track and the training improved dramatically. My puppy now listens even when there are big distractions going on. The hiking adventures suck away a lot of that puppy energy and the drop-in training sessions keep her from reverting to her old ways. 

No longer do I have to chase my pup across a field and apologize to someone because she is jumping up at them… it is a big stress relief and allows me to really enjoy my dog."

Lanette, Brodie and Barkley

"Even after we were done obedience classes, Monique was willing to help us out when we had questions about Barkley's behavior. I'd recommend The Ruff Life to anyone looking for a kind, but firm, teacher."


"In August we went and bought a puppy from the SPCA. We were excited about our new pet and looking forward to being pet owners. A few months after getting him we were afraid we would have to return him to the SPCA as he was very dominant and bit us all the time.

I called Monique and asked her for help. She was kind enough to come to our house and give us some tips until obedience classes started. After completing our classes with The Ruff Life I am very proud to say I love my dog and look forward to many years with him.

Our family thanks you and the time you gave us."

Lavonne & Peter Lockhart

This has been the best training we have come across. We are all better for it. We would highly recommend this course to anyone with “good” or “bad” dogs.

Christy Bazell

Thank you so much. This was a great experience for the three of us. To see such a change in Teila is amazing. Emily and I are loving having Teila now that we are better able to teach, work with and control her. We can never thank you enough for all your support!

Judy & Brett Mackinnon

Thank you for teaching us how to train Lola into a nice dog. The commands seem so simple, but make such a difference in how she behaves. This was the best thing we could have ever done. Thank you again.

Lorna & Chris Church

This was such a great experience for us and Diego! It helped us learn to communicate what we want and we have so much more fun now! Everyone tells us that we have such a good dog, and I thank “The Ruff Life” for that. I recommend “The Ruff Life” to EVERYONE! - it was LOTS of fun!

This was a wonderful and positive experience for both “Jemma” and I. She responded well and really looked forward to the socialization; and so did I. I highly recommend “The Ruff Life” for your “puppy needs”. The staff rocks.

Angie Dauncey

I saw a complete turn around with Molly. Monique gave me the tools to be confident around her and let her know who's in charge. Thank-you so much.Angie Dauncey

I never thought that Kandi would actually learn, but making the training fun for both the owner & dog made it a special time for both of us! Thanks! “The Ruff Life”made it easier.

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