Does your dog bark, whine, chew, get into the trash, or dig holes in the yard? These problems are common signs of being under-stimulated. Dogs are very social animals, which need regular mental and physical stimulation. The Ruff Life offers solutions for today’s "urban dog" and their busy families, by providing clients with a unique approach to dog obedience and behaviour modification.

Adaptive, simple, and clear, is our personal style and professional approach to dog training. We strongly believe that having fun while training will motivate your dog to learn quicker and much more efficiently!


Your dog will learn both voice and hand signals, with our open-minded and versatile training methods. Our goal is to make training a positive and enjoyable experience, while enhancing the relationship between you and your dog. 


Remember, the investment you make in the training of your dog today, will bring rewards for the rest of your life together.

Once you are done The Ruff Life Group Training, you will have access to our Drop-In Sessions where you can work on advanced training, fun get togethers, working with problem behaviour, and positive socialization for FREE. 

Please Note: 

Monique will be away until Tuesday, November. 12th for a family emergency.


During this time she will have limited internet and access to her phone.

We appreciate your patience at this time.

BOARDING: Will still be open during this time.  

GROUP CLASS BOOKINGS: To find more information or book into one of our groups, please visit our training page on this website: and scroll to the "Group Training" portion of the page. You will need to click on "BOOK NOW" and create a profile for you and your dog. (They will not be approved until Monique returns~ Please note the system does hold spots in order... so you will not lose a spot)

BOARDING BOOKINGS: To find more information or book into our boarding, please visit our website boarding page: You will need to click on "BOOK NOW" and create a profile for you and your dog.  

(They will not be approved until Monique returns~ Please note the system does hold spots in order... so you will not lose a spot)

PRIVATE SESSION BOOKINGS: We are sorry. At this time we are not doing private sessions. If you want a recommendation for another trainer, please message Monique.

*For more information on our services, please visit our Facebook Page: (as well as the other pages of this website)

Group Training

Our groups are puppy, beginner and intermediate all put into one set of group lessons. During these classes, if any problem behaviour is displayed we deal with it immediately. If anything happens at home/out and about (like the mouthing, jumping up and biting, barking, digging, aggression, sensitivities…etc.) we teach you how to set it up so you can correct for it/deal with it. Your dog will learn to walk nicely on leash- without pulling, and every time you stop- they will automatically sit.... on the first session. 

The group consists of Five-1.5 hour sessions. When training is done we offer unlimited sessions for the rest of your dogs life for free. During these sessions we schedule: Advancing Training, Positive Socialization, Down-town Drop-In's, Horse Drop-In's, Hikes, Fun get togethers...etc. Tricks, Tracking and Seminars will also be available at a reasonable price.

**PLEASE NOTE** All of our classes are held outdoors and the first 3 classes of any group are mandatory.

Here is our group session overview: Click Here

  • Dogs must be at least 12 weeks of age, and have minimum their 2nd set of shots

  • You must be able to hold back your dog on a leash

  • All aggression issues must be disclosed before hand

  • We do NOT take female dogs that are in heat (All swelling needs to be back to normal)


To Book: 

  • You will need to complete a personal & pet profile- Please click on the "Book Now" button to the right


One Dog Family  $250+tax ($262.50)

Two Dog Family  $450+tax ($472.50)

Private Training

Private personalized lessons for your individual needs. Our mission is to assist owners in keeping their dogs happy, healthy and behaviourally sound.  We teach YOU the skills and knowledge needed to make this relationship possible.


  • Private sessions are approx. 60-90 minutes long 

  • All aggression issues must be disclosed before hand

  • This service is only available in the Vernon area

Sorry we not doing privates at this time. (please leave us a message if you would like a recommendation for another trainer)

Price: $100+tax ($105.00)

Board & Train

The possibilities are endless. Let us do the hard work for you.


Two-Eight Week Board and Train programs are available.


Please contact us for your individual needs and prices. 

Price: Please contact us for prices 

E-Collar Training

Safe, Reliable and Effective is the best way to explain E-collar training. 

Whether training obedience or working on problem behaviour, we all want a happy and willing worker that responds quickly to commands at a distance and under distraction.


E-Collars are versatile training tools that can help you reach your goal. We do all of our e-collar work with low-stimulation. 

**We ONLY use specific hunting dog brand collars. Such as Dogtra, Tritronic & Garmin** 

Price: Please contact us for prices 

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