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Our Training


Come join our family for the learning experience, community and fun!

We’ve redefined dog training here at The Ruff Life, where you and your dog will develop skills you never dreamed possible.


The Ruff Life Professional Dog Training obedience classes are specially designed to encourage dogs to build confidence and skills as they master obedience in a step-by-step process. We also offer specialty classes such as mantrailing, tracking, detection and E-collar training.

Our Classes


Group Obedience Classes

  • Initial Group Classes: 
    Puppy, Beginner and intermediate all put into one set of group lessons

  • Advanced Group Classes: ​Looking for more of a challenge,           you've come to the right place

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Drop-in Sessions

  • These classes are only available for clients who have been through our group classes. 

    Urban Adventure Classes, Dawg Parties, Canine Connection...and more.


E-Collar Group Obedience 

  • Safe, Reliable and Effective is the best way to explain E-collar training.  

  • E-collars are versatile training tools that can help you reach your goal. We do all of our e-collar work with low stimulation. 

  • These classes are for clients who have graduated from our group classes


Mantrailing & Tracking Classes

  • Dogs learn to find people by following their unique scent trail.


Detection Seminar & Progression Classes

  • Dogs learn to search, problem solve and indicate (Trained final responseon a specific scent in different scenarios.

  • Handlers learn about odour problem-solving, working on their timing, proofing, search strategies and more.

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