Shiba Inu Puppy

House Training & Crate Games Video

First of all, if you are using pee pads... I would get rid of the pee pads immediately... and start from scratch. Pee pads teach your dog to pee on things that are left on the floor. (including rugs). Which can make your training really difficult.


I would suggest crate training a pup, it is the easiest and safest way to potty training a dog of any age. Just make sure that it isn't so big that your pup can pee on one side and sleep on the other.


To get a pup used to a crate, I would ONLY feed their food in the crate. I will also attach a crate training/games video below.



Your pup needs to go to go out to the washroom anytime they wake up, eat or play. Even if you wake up... let your pup out... and if they eat.. they need to go right back outside.


Id also suggest only letting your pup have access to one room. Hopefully the room that you are in. Once they have not had accidents for a couple weeks, you can give them another room... and then another. 


If you catch your pup going to the washroom in the house, grab onto their scruff and take them outside. TYPICALLY they will stop going to the washroom when you do this. Take them outside immediately...and when they finish outside. You need to praise them. (no matter how mad or frustrated you are)

**ALWAYS USE PET CLEANER TO CLEAN UP MESSES!!! and not normal household cleaner. Pet cleaner will fully clean the spot. A lot of household cleaners will bring the smell out more for the dog- and they will continue to go to the washroom on a "Dirty Spot"