The Leash Wrap


Turn Your Leash Into an Instant No-Pull Device.

Your regular, ordinary dog leash can be used as a miraculous no-pull device.  There's a very simple trick called "the leash wrap" that can change your life. It's easy to put on and take off, and all you need is your dog's regular collar and leash. This is a particularly useful trick because you can employ it as needed, and then go back to regular walking.

Step 1: Run the leash down the dogs back, along their spine


Step 2: Wrap the leash under the dogs stomach


Step 3: Bring the leash back up to the spine (handle end) and under the leash once


**When the dog pulls, it should tighten, but then it should release when they walk nicely beside you.

When your dog pulls, they will now tighten the leash around their own body. When they stop pulling, the pressure lets up instantly.