Fearful & Dominant Dog Information

Image by Jamie Street

I tell my clients, dogs are like people... there are two types in this world. The ones that need to accomplish things to feel good about themselves, and the ones that can watch tv and play video games all day long. Your dog is the type that needs to accomplish things. 


Here are my suggestions. It is going to be really important that you don't do anything halfway. You can revisit some of these things later on if the behaviours go away.


Do NOT let him/her sleep in your bed or let him/her up on furniture ~ My pups sleep in their crates in the living room. They can come up if you invite them. 

Separate him/her for at least 1 hour a day while you are home.(If possible I would even do longer then this) Best times are when you are cooking and eating dinner.


✭Let a regular leash drag around the house, so you can easily correct any behaviours that you do not like.

✭Make him/her work for EVERYTHING.... Here is some information about that:

Start giving him/her some jobs that he/she can do in the house. All dogs want to do it please us... so when we buy them nice beds, good food and fun toys. Usually it isn't enough. They want jobs to do, they want to please us and feel good about themselves.

✭The first thing I would recommend is to ditch the bowl. (Food Bowl). You want to take small handfuls of food, and make it your dogs "meal allowance" to encourage contact, closeness and bonding. 

Dog's LOVE to have a job to do... so help them with that... while teaching them to look to you for direction. 


If you are going to:

✭ pet them
✭ give them a treat

feed them
✭ let them outside 
✭ take them on a walk or car ride...etc.

 Get them to do something for it... they will love it!!! 

Get them to:

✭ sit
✭ down
✭ shake a paw
✭ spin
✭ anything you want!!! 

Use those couple extra seconds throughout your day to get them to work. It will make your relationship even stronger.  (Instead of taking an hour a day to train their dog... because.. who has time for that??!??! )

***** NEVER EVER SPLIT YOUR LOVE******** If you are spending time with someone or if you have any other animals and he/she comes over, do not split your love and demand to be paid attention too. Send him/her away or correct him/her.




Dominant Dog Sheet:

Image by Paolo Nicolello
Image by Michelle Tresemer