Puppy Biting and Nipping

Shiba Inu Puppy

We have all been there. A 'normal' puppy behaviour that can get out of control, be frustrating and hurt.


What else you can do about it.... 

Image by Shane Guymon


Redirecting is one of the simplest things that we can try with our dogs. Every dog is SO different . How young they were taken away from their parents, what breed they are, how you react, how much stimulation they get... are all factors. 

When your dog is getting mouthy, it USUALLY is a sign of them either trying to get their frustration out, or stimulating their mind. 

Try using a "Sit" command in a happy voice and see if they remember their brain and re-direct their focus on the command instead. 

**Re-directing does NOT mean giving them a toy. Don't give something they love, for a behaviour you want to go away.**


There are many ways to correct the behaviour. If it builds more drive. (Your dog comes back harder, you want to try a different method)

  • Let a leash drag around the house, and leash correction with your "ah ah"

  • Grab onto the scruff

  • Place the lip onto one of the top teeth- not hard enough to puncture the skin

  • Use a loud voice, and the word "No" (Many pups will not respond to this unless you have taught them what it means)

Image by André Spieker
Image by David Clarke


  • Freeze Carrots and let your dogs chew on them/eat them

  • Make ice cubes with treats or toys in them

  • DON'T freeze cloth items and give them to your dogs. Don't teach them chewing on cloth is a positive

  • Give them some type of age appopriate toy to chew on. 

Image by Daniel Lincoln