Welcome to The Ruff Life

Advanced Training

Welcome to The Ruff Life 4 week Advanced Training. 


We are excited to help you bring your training to the next level. 


Some things you will need to know before you start:


Excuses and emotions will need to be left in the past. As YOU will need to be accountable for you and your dog's progress.


Structure, Education, Expectations, Discipline, Boundaries and Exercise are what will give you results.



So you will need to train hard during these 4 weeks. You will need to avoid situations that encourage wild play, no rules and no boundaries. We will be teaching you and your dogs how to stay in a calm state in environments with stimulus. (New dogs, New People, Cars...etc).


Some rules for you: 

  • Do not allow your dog to jump on people

  • Do not follow your dog around- you lead the way always (Unless you give a release word for free time)

  • Do not let your dog greet another dog when they want to. You call the shots.

  • Do not let your dog mark- this is an extremely territorial dominate behaviour

Dogs love structure , consistency and routine.


So we must start in the home. If you don’t have perfect behavior inside the home you’ll never have perfect behavior outside the home. No tool will fix your problems. No method, technique, or command will fix your problems. Only you can do that. It has to come from you. You won’t see it in a video. The lack of connection and respect from your dog is created by you inside the home.

When you think you are ready, click the button to get started on your journey together. 

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